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Eco-Friendly Bathroom: Get a Stylish Green Bathroom

Isabella Jackson

When remodeling your bathroom to fit an eco-friendly appeal, the choice of materials you choose goes a long way. Choosing to remodel with an eco-friendly mindset helps you reduce energy bills, keep the environment safe and conserve vital resources. Thankfully, going green with your bathroom doesn’t mean you sacrifice style. Here is how to have a sleek eco-friendly bathroom.

1. Get a Terrazzo Floor

Terrazzo is a composite material that doesn’t emit volatile organic compounds, commonly referred to as VOCs. Terrazzo is a mixture of hundreds of other materials, including marble, tiles, glass, and other scraps. Thus, you can get different shades of terrazzo, from light to darker shades. Having terrazzo as your bathroom floor comes with its advantages, including resistance to bacteria and staining, converting to longer polished bathroom floors.

2. Go for Natural Light

Taking a shower in a well- lit bathroom is relaxing and comfortable. That’s why we ensure to add as much light in the bathroom as possible. Instead of using electricity, you can add natural light by fixing a large window or skylight on the roof. Adding a large mirror will also help reflect the light coming from the window, creating an illusion of more light in the room.

3. Upgrade Showerheads and Faucets

Replace your showerheads and faucets with low flow to help you save water. Low flow showerheads are designed to give the same water pressure you get with your current showerhead, but they use less water. Thus, you enjoy your shower without using excess water.

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