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Shoe Storage – Tips & Ideas

Isabella Jackson

Shoes, just like clothes, are a mandatory fashion accessory in the modern-day world. Seeing as how we have to juggle through careers, school, and social life means that most people keep at least a pair for each occasion. In a household, misplacing shoes can lead to a lot of clutter and disorganization. Not to mention how one can always end up tripping on a shoe left lying in the wrong place. It gets worse when you have to leave the house but can’t find one shoe of your favorite pair. An easy solution to this is to always invest in a shoe rack.

Shoe Rack

It is the epitome of keeping your shoes organized. Here, you can categorize your shoes depending on what purpose they serve, brand, or how much they cost. Because trends change so much, it is always to opt for a rack that has a design that can accommodate different shoe types. For instance, there are slip-on shoes especially worn by women that can be hanged. If you select a rack that enables you to hang the shoe instead, then you have more space for heavier designs such as boots and sneakers. Closed shoes can at times stink the room, particularly when you just had a long day. Some experts recommend an open shoe rack that is compact and can fit perfectly behind a door or a doorway.

If your house is spacious, with a walk-in closet, then you can decide on a larger rack that fits the room’s dimensions. In fact, some individuals prefer shoe racks that are as tall as the ceiling. Such a design is for avid shoe collectors with quite a shoe in the collection. When space is a concern in your living quarters, then a simplistic design with drawer compartments is a more viable option. A veneer finish rack with both an open compartment plus a drawer can add to the room’s visual appearance since it can double as a shoe rack and a storage space for other items.

Cover Doors & Drawers

Lastly, one of the more common designs is one with compartments that have cover doors and drawers. This is a recommended version especially if you are more conscious about hygiene. As you know, at times, especially in hot months, it is usual for shoes to gather dust more than usual. The doors and drawers help contain the dust and keep the rest of the house clean. 

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